Readying the Messenger

Over the years that followed, deep work was done in the heart of the messenger.

Old wounds needed to be healed, in order to heal others.

Old habits needed to be destroyed, to truly bring freedom to those bound by similar chains.

Religious baggage required peeling away of layers upon layers of condemnation, criticism, works mentality, and a ‘far away God’ who was always angry. The result was to cultivate a soul ready to receive depth of relationship that the ultimate Father extended, and intended for the messenger to extend to those most broken and marginalized.

For one to introduce others to a Father who loves, a Savior who cherishes, and a Holy Spirit who leads, the heart must first fully embrace it for themselves.

More than a decade of learning, growing, healing, pruning took place.


Where healing grew, the vision grew alongside.


Fear was replaced by deeply rooted faith.

Uncertainty gave way to unwavering commitment.

Aimlessness faded, clear determination emerged.

The vision for The House continued…

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